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half/byte streams music.

27 Aug 2020 20:00 CEST

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A solo show streamed on Twitch and via Icecast.

half/byte & NERDDISCO

10 Sep 2020 21:00 CEST

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A monthly stream with visuals from NERDDISCO and music (and sometimes a bit of a ramble) by half/byte.

Streamed on Twitch.

Past streams

half/byte & NERDDISCO - Sommerloch

13 Aug 2020

A dubby summer jam. No educational intro this time.

Listen to music only on soundcloud.

half/byte streams music.

30 Jul 2020

The oldschool Dubstep aesthetics.

moved from the 23rd to 30th because of a collison with a birthday celebration

half/byte & NERDDISCO

09 Jul 2020

In which Jan had to vent his frustrations about the “Kohleausstiegsgesetz”, a law recently passed in germany that will cement our inability to hold the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

More infos in the supplementary article.

half/byte solo 25th of June 2020

25 Jun 2020

Dub vibes, techno basslines, lots of reverb. Slightly melancholic summer jam.

half/byte & NERDDISCO: #BLM

04 Jun 2020

Our try to do something meaningful to boost the black cause.

More infos here.

half/byte & NERDDISCO @ Ausgangssperre2, Peng

16 Apr 2020

half/byte & NERDDISCO - STAY AT HOME!!!

26 Mar 2020

This is a short one, as we messed up scheduling and I had to rush home.

NERDDISCO feat. V/A - Ausgangssperre Peng

21 Mar 2020

half/byte & NERDDISCO - Lesson 2

12 Mar 2020

half/byte & NERDDISCO - Lesson 1

09 Jan 2020