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half/byte & NERDDISCO - Sommerloch

17 Sep 2020

The daughter of NERDDISCO has a rare gene mutation called STXBP1 and as it’s the STXBP1 awareness month in September, we wanted to use this opportunity to not only raise awareness of this often unrecognised condition, but also share our own personal experience.

If you want to find out more about STXBP1 you should visit

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half/byte streams music august 2020

27 Aug 2020

This time I wanted to chill a bit and played some slow break beats and some lush/not-so-lush melodies with lots of, ahem, bluewrong notes.

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half/byte & NERDDISCO - Sommerloch

13 Aug 2020

A dubby summer jam. No educational intro this time.

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half/byte streams music.

30 Jul 2020

The oldschool Dubstep aesthetics.

moved from the 23rd to 30th because of a collison with a birthday celebration

half/byte & NERDDISCO

09 Jul 2020

In which Jan had to vent his frustrations about the “Kohleausstiegsgesetz”, a law recently passed in germany that will cement our inability to hold the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

More infos in the supplementary article.

half/byte solo 25th of June 2020

25 Jun 2020

Dub vibes, techno basslines, lots of reverb. Slightly melancholic summer jam.

half/byte & NERDDISCO: #BLM

04 Jun 2020

Our try to do something meaningful to boost the black cause.

More infos here.

half/byte & NERDDISCO @ Ausgangssperre2, Peng

16 Apr 2020

half/byte & NERDDISCO - STAY AT HOME!!!

26 Mar 2020

This is a short one, as we messed up scheduling and I had to rush home.

NERDDISCO feat. V/A - Ausgangssperre Peng

21 Mar 2020

half/byte & NERDDISCO - Lesson 2

12 Mar 2020

half/byte & NERDDISCO - Lesson 1

09 Jan 2020