Jan ‘half/byte’ Krutisch

I’ve been known under the half/byte moniker for almost three decades - As a coder (software developer), musician and later on, as my social media presence as well.

I make music using hardware and software, with my own ideas injected into both, experimenting with building my own performance software using Web Audio and Web MIDI (Find out more on my GitHub profile).

Since 2018, I’m part of {live:js}, an artist collective focused around building and using audiovisual tools built with web technology and have played numerous live gigs with the collective around the world mostly at technology conferences.

In 2020 I started to (also motivated by the absence of conferences) to semi-regularly stream with my live:js buddy Tim ‘NERDDISCO’ Pietrusky.

I live, work and sleep in Hamburg, Germany unless I’m not living the dream in a swedish rural summer home with a gigabit fiber connection.

You can find out more about my professional life on my other, less fancy website, jan.krutisch.de.